Serious risks from hidden water damage uncovered

Are you really on solid ground? The picture above is just one of many illustrations of what water can and will do to your building and elevator equipment. Professionals know this, but the general public may assume they are safe until the very instant that the ground collapses underneath them. Detecting water damage and making the necessary repairs is a very serious and time-sensitive issue.
Out of sight and out of mind is a terribly dangerous way to proceed when it comes to water damage. Every one of us in the building industry must be proactive in our search for hidden damage and the dangers that lurk quietly in the dark. Yes, we must look behind that cover and around every corner so that we can protect those who depend on us.
This is just one reason that I highly recommend regular and thorough inspections for all of your building and elevator equipment by trained professionals. Annual inspections and remote monitoring are not enough. They cannot replace the trained eyes, ears, noses, hands and sometimes even tastes of these professionals and a year is too long of a period between inspections. When problems are found and addressed quickly, costs and risks are minimized dramatically and safety is increased exponentially!
For more information on elevators and safety, please read Surviving Your Elevator Entrapment.

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