Yes, being trapped can be a good thing!

If you have ever been trapped in an elevator or have a friend who has, you or your friend probably did not come away thinking it had been a good experience. You likely thought you were in danger because of the entrapment. Even now you’re probably thinking how anyone could honestly state that being trapped on a malfunctioning piece of complex industrial grade electromechanical equipment is viewed as positive in any regard.

The truth is that being trapped in a malfunctioning elevator can be much safer than continuing to use that elevator. Many entrapments are the result of a safety system detecting a malfunction and determining that it is too serious to allow the elevator to continue to operate to the next floor or to open the doors to let you off. When these safety systems make such a determination, you are trapped inside the elevator intentionally for your own safety.

Just remind yourself if you become trapped, to relax, call for help with the elevator emergency phone and know the entrapment was almost always the safest option for the elevator system to take. If you would like to know more about elevators, how they operate, elevator safety and the safest way to be rescued, please read the book “Surviving Your Elevator Entrapment and the Truth about Elevator Safety” or visit

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