Technology, Addiction and Wisdom

Technology today makes our lives and work easier and more efficient than any other time in recorded history. It enables us to do more and more in the same amount of time, but do we use it properly and for our benefit? What I mean is do we use this saved time to produce more, enjoy more, grow more, relax more or has the same technology addicted us to new ways to waste our valuable time?
Most of you reading this spend time on LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter and several other types of social media. I believe a certain amount of this time is useful, enjoyable and a reasonable investment of one’s time. Some of us enjoy spending time checking out the latest YouTube videos or even playing video games. Again some amount of time spent with these endeavors can be a good thing, but I also believe it is so very easy to let TOO much time slip away and lose more time than was initially saved with technology. Do we let technology and today’s social media replace real in-person relationships or help us to expand our real relationships? Do we find time to learn, observe and gain knowledge that hopefully leads to WISDOM?
So how should one decide how much time spent is a good investment or wasted time? How does one decide how much time to spend on social media or with in-person relationships? How much time should we reserve for learning and growing? I will quickly admit I DO NOT have all the answers. As a matter of fact, I may not have any of YOUR answers. My suggestion is simply that each one of us should spend time considering how we actually spend the time we have in this life and make needed adjustments when we know we should. If you don’t have your answers, then maybe more time should be given to gaining wisdom.
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