Technology, People, Principles and Success, but Not in That Order

The speed of the world seems to only move faster and faster. The sheer number of different recommendations for growing successful businesses continues to increase just as rapidly. The ever-expanding rates of growth in technology keep many business models in flux. So many things are changing how we do business on a daily basis almost. Many suggest that keeping up with the cutting edge hardware and software is vital and the most important thing to make a business thrive and that is a huge benefit for businesses. Still others emphasize education and training of their people to utilize the new technologies is the most important area to make a business successful and this is very important as well.

I suggest that the truly most important ONE thing for the success of a business is to focus on is instilling and reinforcing age-old principles into our people. Without business ethics, morals, integrity and respect of the people we work with, interact with and do business with your business will likely fail sooner or later. The same frequently applies to your personal life. Being honest, helpful and demonstrating common decency along with just a little hard work will help any business or person to have a successful life regardless of how you measure it. For more information on the specifics of starting a new company, I suggest reading How To Open Your First Business Successfully.

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