Poor Quality Tastes Bad!

All of us have made the mistake of buying something we knew would be substandard based simply on its low, low price. Why do we do that to ourselves? What makes us believe that we will ever get much more than we pay for? If we could get substantially more than we paid for; would we really want to take advantage of someone else that way?
Yes, sometimes there are really good honest deals to be had, but they are very rare, never last long and are the exception to the rule. A few exceptions can be found when businesses have overstocked items or have a short term surplus of labor and their discounted prices help them out as much as the informed consumer. Other than those types of situations, you normally get pretty much what you pay for.
Many of my bad decisions buying poor quality were based on impatience, unrealistic expectations, greed, stupidity and laziness, just to mention a few. I knew better and I had gone down that road many times before only to regret it every single time. I didn’t want to wait until I could afford the quality that I wanted or really needed. Instead, I simply convinced myself to make another short sighted quick decision and went home happily with that new shiny whatever. Reliably, the regrets began only days later, if it took that long. In the end, the costs were almost always higher and on occasion, very much higher.
Hopefully, those days are long gone for me and I have even taught a few others that very few things are free. It’s just included in the price you have already paid. I have no idea who said it first, but I love the quote “The bitterness of poor quality and poor service remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” and it is absolutely true! I strongly recommend that everyone consider this quote before every single personal and professional purchase they make. Look only for high quality people, products and services and then pay a fair price for them and you will never regret those decisions. Please feel free to read a few of our other articles at NeededKnowledge.com and have a great day!

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