The Risks have Become Too Great to Ignore

Failures of Elevators and Escalators and the Raw Data You Need to Know before You Take another Ride Blindly

The following information was obtained from a article a few years ago. The numbers are supported by many others as well. There are approximately 1 Million elevators in use in the United States. These elevators provide passengers with over 20 Billion rides per year. Many people do not know the dangers or how to protect themselves and are seriously injured.

As a result of using elevators, there are around 10 thousand injuries reported every year in the U.S. Add to that another 6 thousand escalator injuries and you arrive at a number that will soon reach 20 thousand reported injuries per year in the United States alone. Some would argue that the number is much higher and many many less serious injuries go unreported. Either way, this number has become too large. The risk to you and your loved ones has become too great to ignore!

Do you know the truth about elevator and escalator safety? Do you know the proper way to use this equipment? Do you know why these safety hazards still exist for the general public and what you can do to minimize them? If you would like to learn more to protect you and your family and every other person who uses elevators and escalators, please join us at Further information can be found by reading one of our latest books titled “Surviving Your Elevator Entrapment and the Truth about Elevator Safety”. In this book will tell you the one HUGE thing you can do, that most are unaware of to greatly increase your chances of surviving an elevator entrapment rescue. Please arm yourself with needed knowledge.

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