5 Good Reasons to Hire an Elevator Consultant

1 They offer you an independent assessment of your building’s elevator equipment. They have your interest in mind and a goal of finding any problems that exist with your elevators. They know that by doing a thorough job that brings every issue to your attention, they will likely be re-hired by your firm in the future. Their unique view and goal is different than that of your service provider or inspector.
2 Your elevator systems are one of your buildings largest investments. Elevator consultants can advise you how well your service provider is maintaining your equipment and protecting that investment. They can help your service provider do a better job by identifying missed or hard to find problems and follow up to confirm they have been corrected.
3 Their regular involvement frequently improves the maintenance being performed to your equipment which extends its life cycle significantly. The extended life cycle equates directly to large capital expenditure savings. Consultants pay for themselves, often many, many times over.
4 The consultant’s work goes well beyond improving the level of maintenance being performed. It extends to improving the performance of your elevators and their reliability. They can also help to reduce your legal liabilities.
5 Another benefit they provide is needed information for planning and budgeting. They can confirm that it is indeed time to start planning to upgrade your elevator system or maybe it’s just time for a new service provider. They can provide you with a fair estimate of your equipments remaining life cycle and also make recommendations as to upgrades and code compliance.
I hope this has answered a few questions, but please let me know if you have others.

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