Elevator Entrapment Rescues

What should you do when you find yourself trapped on an Elevator? When most people find themselves in this situation, they panic. They frequently began screaming or beating on the elevator doors. Next they lay on the alarm bell button for all it’s worth. Often only after the first couple of minutes and possibly after they have called 911 with their cell phone, do they use the elevator emergency phone. What’s wrong with this somewhat normal response?
I believe there are several dangerous mistakes being made with these actions. Although it’s natural behavior to panic, especially without the benefit of more elevator knowledge, I suggest and highly recommend a different response.
First, ringing the bell and screaming will likely get someone to help you quickly, but who will it be. It may be just someone nearby who has zero elevator knowledge or experience with elevator rescues. They may try to force the doors open or otherwise make matters worse. They may even get the doors open and try to pull you out, but what if they drop you and you fall under the elevator and down the elevator shaft. This is a real danger and does happen. What if as they are pulling you out, the elevator begins moving? Again this is terrible to think about, but it has happened. What if they simply damage the elevator doors or other equipment before someone more knowledgeable arrives to finish the rescue. If that happens and again it happens too often, then your rescue will now take even longer and may be more dangerous as well.
Now what happens when the building maintenance man is the one who hears you? They may have some elevator knowledge, but will rarely be experts at elevator rescues. How about if that 911 call gets the fire department to you before anyone else? Most of the general public would say that’s great. They know how to properly rescue someone stuck on an elevator, but there is a much better and safer choice. Although some firemen have some knowledge and experience with elevator rescues, they are simply not elevator experts. Firemen are great and are experts at putting out fires. However, they do not know exactly how every elevator is designed to operate and they almost never know how to quickly fix a broken elevator. In many cases they do not know how to safely move a broken elevator. Some of the most dangerous rescues happen when the elevator is not close to the floor level. Many rescues performed by non-elevator experts are done with the elevator away from floor level and as a result or much more dangerous.
How do you know who to call to get an elevator expert that knows how to safely rescue you? Use the elevator emergency phone and you should be connected to the proper elevator company. Soon afterwards, a highly trained and experienced elevator mechanic will arrive and rescue you in as safe a manner as possible. If the elevator is now close to a floor, the elevator mechanic will know how to safely move it to floor level. Try not to panic and instead ask the elevator mechanic to be your rescuer when you’re trapped on an elevator. Even if you have to prolong your entrapment by a few minutes while you wait on the expert, do it please. It’s the right choice.
I hope you found this article informative. If you did, please share it with people who may not know what to do when they become trapped. For more information about elevators and elevator safety, please read Surviving Your Elevator Entrapment or join us at www.neededknowledge.com .

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