Floors and Doors

When you ride an elevator, the floors and doors are the things that are most likely to injure you. Most passengers are not aware of the proper way to use elevator equipment. Yes there is a wrong way to ride an elevator. There are real dangers that most have never heard of or would expect.  Unfortunately many people outside of the elevator industry only find out about these after they have been hurt.

Did you know that elevators may intentionally move while you are stepping into or out of them? Did you know that it can be normal operation for an elevator to close the doors on you? These sometimes normal operations can cause you to trip or leave you with a bruise or even worse. Do you know that you may be more likely to be trapped on a modern elevator as opposed to an older one? Do you know why? What else don’t you know about elevators?

Do you know what to do to be safely rescued if you are ever trapped? There are things that many passengers do that actually make their rescues much more dangerous and potentially fatal. If you would like to learn more, I recommend reading “Surviving Your Elevator Entrapment“. It’s a fifty page user’s guide for elevators and escalators. It contains some good safety lessons and important information about how elevators actually are supposed to operate and why. There is one very surprising thing they recommend to NOT DO to be rescued safely. You will understand more and remember the safety lessons if you read it for yourself, so I will leave it up to you. The guide is an easy one hour read and has a few pretty funny stories in it as well.

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