Emergency phones and testing

ADA emergency elevator phones are not simply a safety issue, code issue, liability issue, but also federal law. How often do you test your phones? Do you test them properly? Are the phone lines per elevator or are they shared among several elevators? Is other building equipment tied to the elevator phone lines that may cause a problem with communications. Do you have the proper equipment for your setup? Do you need a different setup or different equipment or more phone lines?

If you are not sure, you need to find out before there’s an emergency. Past practices often put multiply phones on the same line without advanced consolidating equipment to manage all the phones. When emergencies occurred, say a power outage, the phones didn’t work. The cause may be due to various problems, but often it is simply that there is not enough power provided by one phone line to operate multiple emergency phones. The power issue can also be related to newer V.O.I.P. phone lines. The newer lines offer even less power.

When you test emergency phones, you should test all of them at the same time. By just testing more than one simultaneously, you will typically let you know if there is a problem. We recommend testing t at least 2 or 3 at the same time. If one phone cuts off another or can’t dial or multiple phones dialing together dial the wrong number, then there is a serious safety problem and a serious liability for someone.

Let’s test properly and resolve these issues before there is an emergency and subsequent failure with communications.

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