Managing experts and minimizing costs

It can be difficult to assess whether you are getting your money’s worth when you are not the expert in that field.  For example, if you were the property manager who had hired an elevator company to perform the proper adjustments, repairs, maintenance and upgrades to your facility’s equipment, how would you determine if the work was being performed as it should?

Yes you may get a state inspectors report once a year that gives you some information. You can also monitor the number of problems reported and you can look in the equipment rooms to see if cleaning is being performed. Even after you have reviewed that information, what do you really know?

Do you know if the proper level of maintenance is being performed to insure your equipment is operating properly and safely? Do you know if enough maintenance is being performed to insure your equipment lasts as long as it should? Is it operating as efficiently as it should? Are upgrades that are needed or even code required being recommended and performed? How can you know these things if you are not an elevator expert?

You can not, but you are responsible to insure all these things are done! You need an expert to check on the experts you have already paid. The good news is an elevator consultant can do a full review in very little time and at little or no cost to you. The right expert can help you not only lower your overall costs, but can minimize your liabilities and reduce your capital expenditures over the long haul.


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